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SHVCS defeater / bypass

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SHVCS defeater / bypass

Berichtdo 21 jan 2021, 11:51

Ik heb deze defeater gekocht toen ik nog mijn Ampera had, maar is nooit geinstalleerd geweest.

Deze defeater zorgt ervoor dat je niet meer de melding "Service High Voltage Charging System" krijgt door een onderbreking / defect in de koelvloeistof reservoir sensor van het accupakket.

Komt compleet met de inbouwhandleiding (in het Engels)

Prijs: € 30,- inclusief verzending

Reacties via het forum of liever op skevdude AT gmail.com


Nog wat info van de makers van het plugje:

This product helps to prevent trips to the dealership when the battery coolant sensor in the Chevy Volt malfunctions and causes a permanent check engine light code to be tripped, which then causes you problems with charging your volt. This can happen even when your coolant level is functional.

GM did a poor job on the design of this particular sensor, and even hitting a large bump can trigger a charging system check engine code. Once you have 'latched' codes present, it requires a reflash of the PCM software. Dealerships charge anywhere from $150-$300 to perform this task if your vehicle is no longer under warranty. This particular product basically creates a constant feedback loop to the ECU with the proper voltage stabilized so that even sensor failure will not trip the code requiring a trip to the dealership.

An instruction manual is included with the plug set. Velcro is also included to secure the plug/harness inside the engine compartment to existing wires.

This plug is also known as the 'WOT coolant SHVCS defeat plug' on the gm-volt forums. We decided to start offering this product once many Volt owners waited months for product which never did arrive.

Also, we also include a female version of the plug which can cap the existing sensor in the reservoir to prevent any corrosion on the original sensor. This additional plug may replace the factory retrofitted models also where the GM dealerships did a poor job retrofitting the 2011-2012 models after the recall.


Product is crimped with the proper delphi crimp tool and is also soldered to guarantee a solid robust connection for maximum reliability. Factory OEM delphi wire seals are also used to guarantee moisture/rust protection. The bypass resistor used is military grade and will withstand temperatures up to 150c (300F) temperatures, not cheap consumer grade components. Engine bay temperatures may reach up to 250F in some scenarios.

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